Our Services

Welcome to a professional health and safety provider  that truly serves the safety of employers and employees.

Mazur Safety Inc., and its Associates, includes health and safety professionals from across multiple safety subject matter areas. 

We’re proud of what we do and care about all of our clients!

Our clients turn to us for expert advice and support at the right price. We know that not all workplaces are the same. Reach out to us to find out how we can provide your workplace with customized health and safety solutions to meet your specific needs.



Choose from a wide range of in-class, and distance / virtual learning, health and safety training programs. Or ask us about safety training customized for your workplace.



Occupational health and safety consulting for when you need to be absolutely certain about workplace safety.



Audits are a proactive approach to ensure your workplace is in compliance with current health & safety legislation, codes, and standards.



When a safety incident occurs at work, bring in an experienced Mazur Safety investigator. We can help uncover the root case, prevent recurrence, meet your legal requirements and address compliance


Fit Testing

If your job requires a mask or respirator at any point of your work day, you should ensure the fit is tested and the seal will protect you in case of an emergency.


At Mazur Safety Inc., we coach and mentor students, entry-mid level safety technicians, and also experienced safety and / or human resources professionals.  We also mentor newcomers who want to learn how to apply their foreign safety experience to local  requirements and find opportunities with local companies.  



As a motivational safety speaker, Wes Mazur provides great value and impact to all audiences. Wes delivers a variety of talks, presentations and workshops that are  perfect for your next safety event; as a keynote safety speaker, leadership safety speaker, or interactive safety workshops. Wes Mazur can also meet your needs in a more customized way  – as a construction safety speaker, industrial safety speaker, and workplace accident speaker.   As an experienced speaker, teacher, and safety industry leader, Wes has the skills and passion to bring safety to life!